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Re: Follow up on "Nested Locations"

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Subject: Re: Follow up on "Nested Locations"
From: Helen Cloostermans <Helen.Cloostermans@dexia.be>
Date: 09 Apr 2001 14:54:40 +0200

I'm using a location.conf file and now I'm having the same problems (shadowed 
objects)  (Netview 6.0.1 AIX 4.3.3).
Is there an APAR for this problem and if so, can someone give me the number,  
or do I call support ?

Kind regards,

20/12/2000 22:47
To:     nv-l%tkg.com@Internet
cc:      (bcc: Helen Cloostermans/GKBCCB)

Subject:        [NV-L] Follow up on "Nested Locations"

Here is the info from Tivoli on this issue
 Problem Details                                                                
 TivWeb: Rediscovery and shadowed objects                                       
 System Type: 7026-H70                                                          
 System Model: RS6000                                                           
 Other related devices:                                                         
 Operating System: AIX 4.3                                                      
 Product Group: NetView for UNIX                                                
 Fileset or Version: 6.0.1                                                      
 AIX NetView Server with no MLM/Clients                                         
 Problem Description:                                                           
 We had discovered and manually removed objects from the root map to            
 locations that we had created both manually and with the location.conf         
 file. Everything was running OK and then I was told that discovery had         
 stopped. I performed a "resolve database consistencies" from serversetup       
 and when that was completed I reopened the map. NetView is now                 
 rediscovering the objects I have already placed in other containers and        
 placing them on the root map. The objects that were already there now          
 all have shadows. I have DB backups from every day for the last 2 weeks        
 if that will help. I am not at permanent phone number so e-mail is the         
 best option today. Thanks.                                                     
 TSD2000120111 PROBID143843                                                     
 Snet CC the following email:                                                   
 At this point your best bet may be to go ahead and restore the DB.             
 That way when the DB maintenance is run again we can capture                   
 the output of the commands to a file so we can see exactly what                
 they are doing. Another tech here tried it and did see some strange            
 happenings, but to associate it with PMR we really need to get your            
 outputs. What commands did you run for the DB maintenance?                     
 Get back with me when you get a chance and let me know if this                 
 will work for you!                                                             
 Waiting for reply                                                              
 Waiting for reply to email                                                     
 PMR Completed by Tivoli.  Please review.                                       
 CC restored the DB and did the DB maint again and everything appears OK        
 this time, CC agreed to close the call and will reopen if neccessary.          
 Closing per CC, reopen if necc.                                                
 CC requested call be reopened as the problem has resurfaced. CC is             
 sending in his DB, so we can see what is happening. Checking DB and            
 Looking at CC's DB                                                             
 After looking at the CCs DB, I was able to see that the object was in          
 both locations. It was also the same object                                    
 (oid 2792). I was able to recreate it with the following scenario:             
 Clear the databases and create a location.conf file with a nested              
 location. Once the map is drawn and the object is properly placed in the       
 location defined in the location.conf file. In the Upperlevel location,        
 create another location, and create a location in that location. Then          
 cut a paste from the its original location and place it in the lowest          
 level location that was created manually. Wait for the discovery poll(I        
 had to wait overnight) and the object will reappear in the original            
 location. Both objects will be in the application plane and point to the       
 same object in the database.                                                   
 The database that I created is on support. You will able to see the            
 object in both locations and the Object information will point to the          
 same object in the database. I also included the location.conf file I          
 used to create the original locations in the tar file. APAR needs to be        
 written. Passing to Roy on the backend.                                        
 RK-NEW-12/08/2000-8:30am-APAR needs to be written on location.conf             
 CUSTOMER REP: Scott Bursik                                                     
 ACTION TAKEN: Note sent to L3 asking if apar needs to be written.              
 ACTION PLAN: WL3(LLi)                                                          
 RK-12/12/2000-Note sent to L3(LLi) to see if APAR needs to be written on       
 location.conf disocvery                                                        
 CUSTOMER REP: Scott Bursik                                                     
 ACTION TAKEN: This is an ipmap problem and should go to L3(FC).                
 ACTION PLAN: WL3(FC) note sent 12/12.                                          
 RK-12/12/2000-Note sent to L3(FC) to see if APAR needs to be written on        
 location.conf disocvery                                                        

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