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RE: Dial Up Interfaces

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Subject: RE: Dial Up Interfaces
From: "ANDERSON, Peter" <panderson@westpac.com.au>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 08:23:32 +1000

I had this problem before.

Tivoli won't acknowledge they have a bug.

They regard SNMP oper status of 5 the same as Down where in fact in the RFC
it is "Dormant".  The RFC description associated says that dormant is a
normal state.


Peter Anderson
Senior Communications Analyst
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Subject: [NV-L] Dial Up Interfaces

AIX 4.3.2 NetView 6.0.1

Is there a way to NOT propigate the status of a dial up interface in the 
map. That way the icon for the interface can change color and not go up to 
the parent object. I could unmanage the interface, but then I can't drill 
down and look at it when it is being used.


Scott Bursik
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