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NetView 6.x Certification

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Subject: NetView 6.x Certification
From: "Kevin J Lee" <kevinl@iormyx.com>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:18:17 -0400
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Has anyone taken the new exam?  Is it much different from the previous
exam?  I am planning to take the 6.x exam soon and was wondering if I
needed to review the old stuff or just concentrate on the new stuff like
the JAVA console.  Thanks.

Kevin Lee

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From:   Michel.Grossenbacher@coop.ch
Sent:   Wed 5/2/2001 3:49 AM
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Subject:        AW: [NV-L] Multiple SNMP community string
Hello Brad
Why dont you make 2 Smartsets, one for the routers and the other one for
Servers? You can give each Smartset a differend community string in the
Configuration. Just place into Target the smartset name and you have
your 2
different strings, so NetView knows which string for what node is and
directly for them.

Michel Grossenbacher

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Von: Brad Martin [mailto:bmartin@MetLife.com]
Gesendet am: Dienstag, 1. Mai 2001 01:03
An: IBM NetView Discussion
Betreff: [NV-L] Multiple SNMP community string

We're trying to discover a subsidary that has multiple community strings
the same IP subnet. The routers use "stringA" and the servers use
In the dialog window for configuring SNMP polling, I would like to say
"stringA" and if that fails try "stringB". Is there away to do this? If
not, does anyone have any recommendations?

Brad Martin

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