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Re: RS6000 / AIX mib for HP Openview

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Subject: Re: RS6000 / AIX mib for HP Openview
From: "Ed Boos" <edboos@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 17:23:50 -0500
To get individual values for "...nv6saFileSystemBfree", you must supply the
index into the table, such as "...nv6saFileSystemBfree.1" or
"...nv6saFileSystemBfree.2" etc.  With snmpwalk, or snmp get next
(snmpnext) you can start at the higher level and walk down the table. is the root of the ...Bfree table. is the table of mount points, and so on.
If you are running netview, and have "xnmbrowser" that's an excellent tool
for finding what information is available from nodes in your network, and
what values to use in the "mibtable" command to produce formatted output.

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I am looking for ways to get information about filesystems on IBM
systems, using HP Openview.
Does anyone have information about the AIX snmp agent
i.e. does the AIX snmp agent have this information
and which mibs are available and where, that I can load into NNM to
the data.

I have found a rs6000 mib a ibm-unix mib anx netview6000 mib,
loaded those into my HP Openview management station.
The only thing that looked promising there was info under
I tried querying the variable

But the agent returns:
"SNMP: Variable does not exist or access is denied."
when queried for this variable

Einar Johannesson

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