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Re: Nways Java Device View

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Subject: Re: Nways Java Device View
From: Jim Kellock <jkellock@nc.rr.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 17:17:09 -0400
For documentation, Q&A responses, Tips, downloads, and access to the
Nways Forum, go to www.networking.ibm.com/support, and slide down the
list shown under --Click here for product list-- to your version and
platform for Nways.  And on your platform (you don't say what it is-
AIX, NT, or HPUX- you should find the help files (as html docs) in
/usr/CML/JMA/java/websvr/help.  There's a file called toc.html there
where you should start.

The performance objects (PODS) are MIB variables that are monitored. 
Within the Java Performance engine, you have performance object
definitions (PODS- these are the raw MIB variables or formulas), Graphs
(where PODS are added for monitoring, Views (which group Graphs
together), and the profiles, which actually place the graphs on the
navigation tree of specific device types (by OID).  If you intend to use
these, there will be a configuration learning curve, and you need to
evaluate this tool against what you already have in NetView.  The Nways
applications do give you a distributed monitoring capability, sort of
like MLM, but as a Java application. However, if you are using NetView
function for monitoring other network devices, it might make more sense
to use the same function for the IBM networking devices that Nways is
designed to manage.

And an additional consideration is that since the Nways products have
been withdrawn and nearing end of life for support (except for selected
token ring devices still marketed, and for ONLY the Element Manager for
those), it will become increasingly difficult to get support for them.

Hope this helps.

This is advice only, not an official IBM opinion, position, or

Jim Kellock.

Leslie Clark wrote:
> It is pretty complicated. There is a white paper I can send you that
> might help.
> Cordially,
> Leslie A. Clark
> IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
> Detroit
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> Dear all,
> I am new with Nways, and although I tried to find out
> information in the IBM student guide, I could not find
> any answer.
> My aim is to generate a notification when the rate at
> a router is higher than a certain value or lower than
> another one.
> I could not understand how to use correctly the "Java
> Performance Monitor (POD)" tool of Nways. I launched
> the "open Java Device View", and I obtain an
> interesting view of the selected object. In the
> Navigation Tree, I select configuration, and then
> system, General, performance, and the performance box
> appears. Then, I select "performance object", but I do
> not really understand how it really works.
> Could anybody help me to solve my problem?
> Thank you all,
> Thierry
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