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RE: Netview 7.1 install

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Subject: RE: Netview 7.1 install
From: William.Stringfellow@bankofamerica.com
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 13:51:08 -0800

Thanks George....


From:      "George deSocio" <desocio@us.ibm.com>
Subject: Re: RE: Netview 7.1 install

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No, that's not implied.

V7 can be installed two different ways:

1. The traditional Tivoli Framework method.

2.  So-called "Standalone", where Framework (as you know it) is not used.
I say "(as you know it)" because enough components of Framework
installation technology is supplied with the "Standalone" packaging to
support installation from a base common with 1. above.

The prereq check script doesn't know which method you will use to install,
thus the message can, or, perhaps should not, be ignored.

Whether your users "source the Tivoli environment" is more a function of
whether they will require access to Tivoli resources than NetView
resources.  Remember that when NetView is installed by Framework, NetView
becomes a Tivoli resource, and so it would be appropriate to "source the
Tivoli environment" for NetView users.  If NetView is "Standalone"
installed, then use of NetView would not be reason to "source the Tivoli
environment" by itself.

George de Socio

Tivoli NetView for UNIX & NT L2 Support
Tivoli Software, IBM

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