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Re: [nv-l] unknown netview6000subagent trap

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] unknown netview6000subagent trap
From: "James Shanks" <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 18:15:44 -0400
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You do know what trapgend does, don't you?  One of its major functions is
error reporting:
trapgend "reads" the AIX error log (actually it is notified by AIX when
certain events are written to the log) and it turns selected errors into
traps (hence its name - trap generator daemon) so they can be sent to other
machines or processed on the local one.  man trapgend has good info on

Basically, if you go to the machine which sent the trap and do
      errpt -tF alert=1
You will see a list of AIX syslog errors for which trapgend will send a
To see a list of all the possible errors you could add to this list do
      errpt -t
The specific trap number will be the decimal equivalent of the hex number
that AIX assigns to this error.
That's why you cannot find it at mibcentral or anywhere else.  It is
determined by AIX, but used by trapgend.
So in this case 422232177 is the decimal equivalent of 192AC071, which
errpt -t will tell you is the hex id for ERRLOG_OFF. That means of course
that the AIX errlogging mechanism has been turned off on that box, either
on purpose or because a reboot is in progress.  If you look all the way
down at the detailed error data in the incoming trap, you will see that the
error name was sent as variable 22.

I don't know how ERRLOG_OFF was added to the alertable list on that box.  I
don't know off hand whether the remote trapgend install does it or not.
But I don't think so, else it would be in trapd.conf.  I suspect that
someone added it deliberately so that you would know when it occurred.
Once it is off trapgend won't get any new errors and can send no more
alerts, and as I said, it may mean that the box is being rebooted, so it
could be valuable to have.  You can decide for yourself whether to add the
trap to trapd.conf or turn it off on the sending box.  You can add new
errors to the alertable list or remove them in the following way:
Type in
press Enter; then type in
      = 192AC071:
press Enter; then type in
then press ctrl-d twice
     ctrl-d ctrl-d

To add a new one you would use its specific hex id and say Alert=TRUE of
course, but the procedure is the same.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

                      Francois Le                                               
                      Hir/Quebec/IBM@IB        To:       nv-l@lists.tivoli.com  
                      MCA                      cc:                              
                                               Subject:  [nv-l] unknown 
netview6000subagent trap              
                      04/19/02 02:41 PM                                         

Hello All,

Does someone know what this "netview6000subagent" trap is ?
( specific 422232177) (see below)
I could not find it in Netview documentation or at www.mibcentral.com.
It's coming from an AIX server that is maybe runing a TMR or other Tivoli
It's not running Netview or MLM.


Francois Le Hir
Network Projects & Consulting Services
IBM Global Services
Phone: (514) 205 6695

sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ? _LOGONLY3_ DEFAULT ENTREPRISE Undefined trap :
[1] hwProductEntry.productClassificationHW.1 (Integer): 1
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [2] hwProductEntry.formatType.1 (Integer): 17
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [3] hwProductEntry.machineType.1
(OctetString): 0000
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [4] hwProductEntry.modelNum.1 (OctetString):
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [5] hwProductEntry.plantOfManufacture.1
(OctetString): 00
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [6] hwProductEntry.seqNum.1 (OctetString):
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [7] hwProductEntry.hardwareProdCommonName.1
(OctetString): 0x30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 00 00 00 00 00 00
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [8] detailedDataSDEntry.productIDCodeSD.1
(Integer): 41
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [9] detailedDataSDEntry.dataIDCodeSD.1
(Integer): 209
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [10] detailedDataSDEntry.dataEncodingSD.1
(Integer): 17
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [11]
detailedDataSDTable.detailedDataSDEntry.dataSD.1 (OctetString): 2920
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [12]
ibmArchitecture.alert.generic-Alert-Data.flags.0 (Integer): 0
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [13] alert.generic-Alert-Data.alertType.0
(Integer): 2
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [14]
alert.generic-Alert-Data.alertDescriptionCode.0 (Integer): 59459
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [15] probableCausesEntry.probableCause.1
(Integer): 59428
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [16]
userCausesTable.userCausesEntry.userCause.1 (Integer): 59395
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [17]
recommendedActionsUCEntry.recommendedActionUC.1 (Integer): 59400
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [18]
recommendedActionsUCEntry.recommendedActionUC.2 (Integer): 59401
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [19] detailedDataDDEntry.productIDCodeDD.1
(Integer): 41
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [20] detailedDataDDEntry.dataIDCodeDD.1
(Integer): 7
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [21] detailedDataDDEntry.dataEncodingDD.1
(Integer): 17
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  [22]
detailedDataDDTable.detailedDataDDEntry.dataDD.1 (OctetString): ERRLOG_OFF
sd9ul027.aircanada.ca     ?  (22 args) (netView6000subagent)t6;s422232177

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