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FW: [nv-l] Netmon initialization - how to speed it up?

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Subject: FW: [nv-l] Netmon initialization - how to speed it up?
From: "Binder, Karin" <karin.binder@nwa.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 16:36:56 -0500

Thank you for the suggestions!  I have some investigating to do, and will 
report back to the list.


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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Netmon initialization - how to speed it up?


Some of these things are in Redbook

Over the years I have experienced slow netmon startup at times.    You say
that you are on NetView 6.0.3.    Here are some things that has helped me.

1.  Have you ever run nvTurboDatabase on both systems?    How large is your
overflow file in production?
      this will impact performance on databases larger than 30K in a very
positive way.
2.  What is the size of your ovwdb cache?
      is it big enough?
3.  How much paging space does your system have?
      do you have a performance tool that can monitor your system
performance while it comes up?
4.  Does both your test system and production system use the same DNS
configuration?    Do you have more than one DNS in your resolv.conf?
      This can make a HUGH difference.
5.  What does your /etc/netsvc.conf look like on both systems?
      name resolution can really slow down netmon initialization
6.  How many entries do you have in your /etc/hosts in your production
      is it large enough, and is netmon looking at this for every name?
7.  where do you have your /usr/OV/databases ?   Is it on its own
filesystem?   Is it stripped across multiple disk drives if more than
      this is another general NetView performance item for large production
systems.    For good performance on fast systems, I have used the number of
100MB of database per disk drive for striping.

If all the above looks good...the last thing I did was to make the NetView
server a DNS, by running named.   Then we created some scripts that read
the NetView database and generated the DNS configuration files for all the
hosts in the NetView database.   While a DNS usually has just one interface
for each device, these files had ALL interfaces in the DNS config files.
This made netmon very happy because he checks every interface as he
initializes.  (at least I think so).   So for 32K objects in the database,
the initialization went back to a few minutes instead of over an hour.
There may have been changes made in V7 of NetView that helps with this, but
this is what we did a while back.

Kind regards,
Stephen Hochstetler              shochste@us.ibm.com
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