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[nv-l] /var file system & snmpd.log

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Subject: [nv-l] /var file system & snmpd.log
From: "Judy Stobby" <jstobby@co.el-dorado.ca.us>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 14:40:35 -0700



I’m not sure if the problems I’ve seen lately are related to netview or aix, but maybe someone has a clue as to what happened.  Our system is running netview 7.1.1 on aix 4.3.3 ML9.  One morning last week netmon daemon stopped running with a message to restart it.  I looked at the file systems and /var and /usr/OV were at 100%.  I deleted the log files in /usr/OV/log and increased the file systems, and restarted netmon.  Then the next day /var was again at 100%, and netmon daemon stopped again.  I increased the file system a little more which took care of it, but I would like to know why the /var file system filled up.  What is the relationship between Netview and /var?  I turned on netmon tracing with netmon –M -1, and then looked at the trace files.  I saw a lot of querying HP Jet Direct cards, with public still as the community, but nothing that seemed to be failing.


I had turned on SNMP logging (level 3) because the event log was filling up with authentication errors, so I tired to look at the snmpd.log, which gave me the error too large to fit in file system.  So I move the snmpd.log to /home and change the location is snmpd.conf, also changing the logging back to level 0.

Since this move, there have not been any entries in the snmpd.log.  I stopped and restart the daemon thinking this would make the snmpd.conf file be read again.  But it is still not logging any entries.  I have not found any documentation regarding moving the location of this file along with any special commands to restart logging.  The file is full of entries that go way back, is it possible to use the editor to delete old entries out of this file?


Thanks for any tips anyone can share.

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