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Subject: RE: [nv-l] /usr/OV/bin
From: "Allison, Jason (JALLISON)" <JALLISON@arinc.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 16:02:41 -0400
Thanks for the reply,

I have tried to run snmptrap in the background as well as interchanging the
'nohup' prefix.  It still does not run 'quickly'.  From another email it
seems the snmptrap command does other things before-hand then just 'send a

My situation is a bit different.  We are currently installing a 'Netcool'
probe on my Netview NMS boxes to ship over traps to an OpenView box.  We are
also applying a filter on the server side of Netcool so that OpenView will
only display our deemed set of 'Level I' traps.  We are sending all of the
traps over so we may trend, baseline, etc at a later date.

As part of my unit testing for this effort, I wanted to write a simple tool
that would randomly send any and every defined trap in our trapd.conf as
quickly as possible.  At that point I would throw in random non-defined
traps, illegal traps, etc.  This would verify the filter was only displaying
what we wanted it to on the Openview Box, trap formatting, trap throughput,
and Netcool's 'Store and Forward' capability.  All-in-all I was hoping for a
test tool to kick the cr@p out of the probe and what it is 'supposed' to do.

The script works although I have not tried to implement the randomness yet
since the 'snmptrap' command is slower than I would like.  It is quite the
hack-ish script, but nice enough that it generates some arrays of every trap
definition in a trapd.conf file.  I will probably go the route of the perl
script...that is until I find out perl is not installed on our AIX boxes

Still hoping someone knows how to use the snmptrap syntax to properly add
additional trap info or speed things up.  I guess I could write a C program
for this...

Thanks all for the replies,

Jason Allison
Principal Engineer
ARINC Incorporated
Office:  (410) 266-2006
FAX:  (410) 573-3026

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You can do this quickly in your scripts.    At the end of each snmptrap
command, add the"&" to run it in the background -- then tell your script to
do this a 1000 times.   You will pound your test NMS with 1000 traps pretty

Kind regards,
Stephen Hochstetler              shochste@us.ibm.com
International Technical Support Organization  - Austin
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