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RE: [nv-l] Netview map on TEC event

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Netview map on TEC event
From: "D'Apice, Dominic" <D.D'Apice@SAQ.qc.ca>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 08:39:02 -0500
Hi, if i understand, to this working i need :

1- A workstation (no matter the os, i can be windows or aix) with both java
TEC and NETVIEW console
2- At least 1 native console open somewhere (or the netviewd daemon UP) 

Question :

DO TEC server application  and Netview server  application need to be
installed in the same server ??


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Hi Dominic,
This equation changes dramatically with NV 7.1.3 and TEC 3.8 (or at 
least TEC 3.7.1 plus FP02).  Basically, the integration is between WEB 
consoles - both TEC and NetView.  So for a typical user, they need the 
Web TEC Console installed and the NetView Web console installed.  Both 
Java apps.  The NV Web console relies on EITHER a native X-console being 
open somewhere (anywhere), or you can use the new netviewd daemon to 
acheive the same effect.

It makes no difference what architecture either your TEC Server or your 
NetView server are on.
For more info, check the Release notes with NV 7.1.3 and with TEC FP02 / 03.


D'Apice, Dominic wrote:

>Hi, Netview 7.1 and planning to go to 7.1.3 on aix 4.3.3,
>On Netview 7.1 we are able to open a netview map directly on TEC event 
>(we select the event AND on the TEC menu we select "netview map")
>But this option (in NV 7.1) is only available if :
>1- Both TEC and Netview are installed in the same server
>2- The native Netview console must be open 
>3- The TEC console must be open from the TEC SERVER and 
>be a Aix TEC console (x windows), can't be a MS-windows TEC.
>My questions is :
>A- In Netview 7.1.3, can we access to netview map directly to TEC event
>Dominic D'Apice
>* D.D'Apice@saq.qc.ca
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This is not an Offical Tivoli Support forum. If you need immediate
assistance from Tivoli please call the IBM Tivoli Software Group
help line at 1-800-TIVOLI8(848-6548)

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