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RE: [nv-l] Splitting event and map screen

To: "'Herman.E.Caballero@Lowes.com'" <Herman.E.Caballero@Lowes.com>, nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: RE: [nv-l] Splitting event and map screen
From: "Davis, Donald" <donald.davis@firstcitizens.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 09:31:16 -0500
Here is my $HOME/.Xdefaults file. You may find some other useful things here.
The lines that you are interested in all contain the word "outside".
If you add these to your $HOME/.Xdefaults file, the customization will be per user.
If you modify these lines in the files located in /usr/OV/app-defaults/ , the customization will be global for all users.
Don Davis
OVw*mapBackground               : white
OVw*submapDialog*XmList*FontList: 9x15
OVw*navTreeShellIconify         : True
OVw*toolPalettePresent          : False
OVw*acknowledgedStatusColor     : ForestGreen
XNm*FontList                    : 6x10
*displayCopyRightWindow         : False
xnmgraph.outside                : True
nvevents.initialPresCard        : False
nvevents.outside                : True
nvevents.wsOutside              : True
nvevents.loadEnvOnInit          : False
nvevents.saveEnvOnExit          : False
*size30Font                     : 9x15
*size20Font                     : 9x15
*size10Font                     : 9x15
*smallFont                      : 8x13
Dtterm*saveLines                : 1000
aixterm*saveLines               : 1000
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Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 9:29 AM
To: nv-l@lists.tivoli.com
Subject: [nv-l] Splitting event and map screen

Does anyone know how to split the event and map screen in Netview 7.1.2

I had it working at one time on a previous release, but I can't remember how I did it.

Thank you,

Herman E. Caballero
Lowe's Companies, Inc.

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