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[nv-l] Sorry , wrong list... [FWK ] LCF_DUPL_ADDRESS

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Subject: [nv-l] Sorry , wrong list... [FWK ] LCF_DUPL_ADDRESS
From: Helder Garcia <helder@vanguard-it.com.br>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 14:25:04 -0300

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From: Helder Garcia
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Sent: 13/11/2002 13:57
Subject: [nv-l] [FWK ] LCF_DUPL_ADDRESS

Did anyone have success in using the environment variables LCF_DUPL_* ?
Its supposed to these variables to be set when there is already an
with the same label than the one in INITIAL login.

I've been trying (perl script)

and the same to LCF_DUPL_OBJECT.

Always have these variables empty (not set), even with an obvious
label login showed by epmgrlog.
The script is doing just a simple write to a log file.

Thanks in advance,

Helder Garcia
Systems Engineer

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