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[nv-l] Node polling and configuration question

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Subject: [nv-l] Node polling and configuration question
From: JamesHorwath@glic.com
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 14:00:31 -0400
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I need to modify polling  characteristics for Unix nodes being managed by NetView.  Currently I have a bunch of false positives because of network congestion or some other factor. the snmp trap is netview6000  58916865.  I would like the device to fail two polls before a trap is sent.  I believe this should be done through the snmp configuration GUI  (/usr/OV/conf/ovsnmp.conf_db file).  Looking at chapter 6 of the manual it's not really clear to me what I need to change.  I have the address ranges I am after.   Is there an example anywhere on the WEB, I can't be the first customer interested in doing this.  I searched the WEB and mailing archives and came up emtpy.   Is my request possible?

Thanks in advance,


Jim Horwath
IT Unix Services
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