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Re: [nv-l] NV Data Warehouse Enablement

To: "Cowan, Christopher" <Christopher_Cowan@sra.com>
Subject: Re: [nv-l] NV Data Warehouse Enablement
From: Gareth Holl <gholl@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:11:01 -0400
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When you say you have installed the efix, are you referring to the efix that ships on the "IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse Integration Pack for NetView" CD ? You don't need this efix if you have installed Fixpack1for NetView 7.1.3. If you already had Fixpack1, this would account for the netmon core you experienced.

Either way, my recommendation would be for you to backoff the efix, apply Fixpack1 and then any other netmon related fix that NetView Support have recommended for your environment in the past. Now you will be ready to proceed with the Tivoli NetView warehouse integration.

You will need a DB2 Server to be already installed and you will need to know the instance userid and password. You will need a DB2 Client on the same box as the NetView Server if the DB2 Server is not installed on the same box. DB2 Server and DB2 Client will need to be configured to use the same port number (50000 by default) per the /etc/services file.

The installation of Fixpack1 will lay down a tdwdaemon.jar file. The installation of the "Tivoli NetView Warehouse Enablement Pack" using the dwpack_nvw.bin command should do the following:

1. create a database called "netview" by default on your DB2 Server
2. lay down the schema for the netview database
3. add the tdwdaemon.lrf file
4. add the tdwdaemon.properties file
5. register the tdwdaemon
6. start the tdwdaemon

I would stop tdwdaemon and netmon and restart them manually after the installation just to make sure. If tdwdaemon fails to start, check the /usr/OV/log/tdwdaemon.log file for errors.

The tdwdaemon does use JDBC to talk to the DB2 Server/Client when accessing the "netview" database.

So far this has nothing to do with the NetView Warehouse Pack. This is a separate installation. This is where you go to your Windows box that has your Tivol Data Warehouse (TDW) Control Server installed and use the TDW InstallShield to install the NetView Warehouse Pack (ETLs). If the topic of a TDW Control Server is foreign (didn't read anything about a Windows box in your environment), then I'm guessing you have not yet had time to play with the Tivoli Data Warehouse application which is the vital part of the of overall solution.

You are exactly right, the documentation is not very clear and I would be happy to provide more advise where I can. Hope this helps a little with the puzzle.

Gareth Holl
Staff Software Engineer

IBM Software Group - Tivoli Brand
Research Triangle Park,  North Carolina.

"Cowan, Christopher" <Christopher_Cowan@sra.com>

06/17/2003 07:27 PM

        To:        "'nv-l@lists.tivoli.com'" <nv-l@lists.tivoli.com>
        Subject:        [nv-l] NV Data Warehouse Enablement

Anyone installed this yet?

I have the CD, and test 7.1.3 installation on Linux, and production on
Solaris.  (Don't ask why I have different platforms)

I've performed the following steps:
- Installed the efix on both test and production Netview instance.  (It
caused my netmon to core on the production Solaris machine, that I since
have applied IY42214 on).
- Ran the installation script for the pack on both.   Neither show any
errors, but there isn't a tdwdaemon object registered in ovsuf on either
machine.   In fact, there isn't anything in /usr/OV/lrf either.

The docs are very unclear, but I am assuming that the "Availability"
database is some sort of ODS that is actually installed as part of the
Netview "Warehouse Pack".

I'm also assuming that the tdwdaemon if it were running ;) uses JDBC to make
it's connection, and may not (?) require that a DB2 client actually be
installed on the NetView server.

Would appreciate hearing from someone either on or off line to confirm this.

Chris Cowan
Sr. ESM Consultant
SRA International

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