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[nv-l] Residency Announcement: TI-P006-R01 Event Correlation and Automa

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Subject: [nv-l] Residency Announcement: TI-P006-R01 Event Correlation and Automation Best Practices
From: Tony Bhe <tonybhe@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:45:27 -0700
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Residency Announcement:  TI-P006-R01 Event Correlation and Automation Best

Benefits to Resident:  Residents will gain first-hand knowledge of the
integration between ITEC, IBM Tivoli NetView, and IBM Tivoli Switch
Analyzer.  Residents will also obtain a first look at the new TEC 3.9 and
the new XML-based rules and engine.  They will work together to demonstrate
common customer best practices for event management and correlation, as
well as network topology and efficient polling with NetView.  IBM Tivoli
Switch Analyzer will be used to give residents hands-on experience with
switch analysis.  This is a great opportunity for people who may know
pieces of the overall networking and event correlation solution and want to
gain deeper knowledge of all products involved.

This residency begins 25 Aug 2003, ends 03 Oct 2003 (6 weeks), and requires
4 residents. The residency is running in Raleigh NC.

Nominations should be submitted online on the Web by 09 Aug 2003.  The
selection date is 11 Aug 2003.

The residency leader is Tony Bhe whose email address is tonybhe@us.ibm.com.

Note:  ITSO pays authorized travel and living expenses for all residents,
but does not compensate for the time or services of its residents.  For
IBMers, ITSO residency travel is pre-approved.

Description:  This redbook focuses on Tivoli end-to-end, cross-domain event
correlation and automation solutions with monitoring integration. It
provides practical examples and customer best practices on what to monitor,
how to implement monitoring, and many other network management
considerations including switch analysis (using IBM Tivoli Switch
Analyzer). It explores event management, specifically how to handle
duplicate events, event thresholds, event correlation, exploiting the
network topology, automated responses, and how to write the rules. It
covers NetView configurations and how to perform efficient polling. TEC
will also be addressed within the redbook, specifically how network status
feeds are processed, TEC’s new gateway filtering, how to configure
redundancy and failover, how to perform two-way trouble-ticket integration,
how to handle and manage notification, how to configure the RDBMS, and how
to write rules using the older prolog format as well as the newer XML ZCE

Objectives:  To produce a quality redbook covering event correlation and
automation utilizing IBM Tivoli Performance and Availability products.

To submit a nomination, you must use the online web nomination form:

Customers and business partners can go directly to this announcement and
its online nomination form using this link:

IBMers with access to the IBM Intranet can go directly to this announcement
and its online nomination form using this link:

All residency information is available by clicking Residencies on the IBM
Redbooks Internet site at http://ibm.com/redbooks.  Employees of IBM will
prefer using the IBM Intranet site http://w3.itso.ibm.com.  The websites
fully describe the residency process and offer online nomination forms.

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