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Subject: Re: [nv-l] mlm on nt docs
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry@skills-1st.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 19:14:17 +0100
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Hi Karl,
Welcome to the "we want full support for MLM from Windows and Linux" club!

The only formal doc for MLM is the MLM manual that I don't believe has been updated for many years and says virtually nothing about MLM on Windows (though generally the MLM functionality on Windows and Unix is very similar - the readme with the Windows MLM gives a section on differences and I believe discovery algorithms is one of those).

The big difference is how you manage an MLM from NetView, and NetView on Windows or Linux is not a good answer! The good news is that, provided you have the MLM SNMP agent setup to permit read/write access from a NetView (any NetView - in fact anything that can send SNMP SETs), you can configure the MLM with SNMP SETs. It's a bit like doing assembler programming, but it is possible.

Your other option, if you have coommand line access to your MLM, is to manually edit the MLM config file and bounce the MLM - also not nice but we are probably up to "programming in Algol" level.

You should certainly be able to get a Windows MLM to do data collecting and thresholding - I've got one (albeit configured with the APM facility of NV on AIX) - that's the main MLM table I tend to use.

I'm pretty certain the last MLM drop was with NV 7.1.3 - certainly there weas no MLM with NV 7.1.3 FP1.

I don't think a W2K NetView would buy you anything by way of functionality to help with MLM - same issues as Linux - no smconfig and no APM.

There is the concept of an attended MLM which is NV for Windows and MLM on the same box. The idea is that you have a local NetView that users can run up the GUI on and that NetView also forwards stuff to a higher level NetView. I certainly don't know many people using this.....

IBM / Tivoli - we seem to have had a bit of a run recently on bringing the NV on Linux up to the full NV on Unix spec...........!!!!!!!!!


Karl Prinelle wrote:

Hi list,
I'm having a poke around with MLM's in a lab & need a few pointers - alternatively it could just be Friday brain fade... Environment: My lab has a Linux Netview 7.1.3+fp1 and w2k MLM. Netview reports that the MLM is up so I've obviously done something right (!) Questions: 1. Can anyone point me to any docs on mlm for NT? I'm using the MLM Users guide, but it only mentions installing it & using a supported unix to manage it through smconfig. When I browsed the MLM mib initially I noticed comments about "Netview for NT not installed, discovery and thresholding not available" which doesn't sound great. From the docs it seems I can delegate all this stuff? 2. I know there is no MLM support for Linux, but I'm not clear about the detail of that statement. Does this mean I can't use snmpset (since there is no smconfig) from a Linux netview to configure an NT MLM & have that NT MLM take on management functions in the same way it would if I had an AIX Netview? If I can't then that would make my lab a well flogged dead horse ;-) 3. I've noticed comments in the MLM mib tables about discovery sensor is not supported on NT, but any kind of restricted functionality doesn't seem to be mentioned in the docs - have I been reading with my eyes closed again or are there restrictions? 4. Is there a fp1 for the mlm? Maybe a magic switch on the fp1 installer to extract that bit?? 5. Would I get more out of my NT MLM if I had a full w2k Netview on the MLM machine - sounds a little odd to me but nonetheless possible.. Any help appreciated.... K ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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