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Good question. I will like to see an answer to this as well.


As for starting netviewd with read-only option, you need to have the -ro flag inserted on netviewd line in ovsuf. You would need to remove and re-register the netviewd daemon. Though I am not sure if it will fix your problem.




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Subject: [nv-l] netviewd


Is there a way to force netviewd to always open the map as read-only.  

Reason:  Whenever I need to go into the NV box and run the GUI, it automatically kills the netviewd (as it was designed to).  The problem is that this kills all web consoles when I start the netview gui using netview -dconsole

How can I make it look seemless to the web console users so that they never lose connection to the web console?

Chris Petrina
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