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Re: [nv-l] Multiple map and events windows question

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Multiple map and events windows question
From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 09:27:52 -0400
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In the X-GUI there are two kinds of maps, read-write and read-only.  Only the person who has the read-write map can affect the database.   The others only watch.  You cannot unmanage a node from the read-only map.  

The only thing that flows automatically from the read-write map to the read-only map is status changes, that is color changes, period.  New objects are not added,nor old ones deleted from read-only maps.  Changes such as these which happen on the read-write map do not flow to the read-only map, until the user does a refresh.  That's why it is called a read-only map.

If a node is unmanaged, then netmon will not poll it, nor generate any  internal NetView traps about it.  But if the device itself send traps, or other devices send traps about it, those will be processed.  trapd does not care whether the source of a trap is managed or not.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

Bartlomiej Grenda <Bartlomiej.Grenda@pl.ibm.com>
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07/21/2004 03:39 PM
Please respond to

Re: [nv-l] Multiple map and events windows question

James - thank you for your answers. My comments:

1. Maybe using many users (I mean OS users) will be good solution...

2. Thank you very much for your suggestions - I will try this solution.

3. You probably understood me wrong. I don't meant closing and reopening
maps as it happens during manual refresh but rather meant instant
replicating of changes (like node removal, node addition, etc) introducted
to map opened in read/write mode to same map beeing opened in read-only
mode at the same time. Anyway, if read-only maps are statis (in "this" way)
then I have some additional questions (we still assume following things:
there is only one map in system, map is opened in read-only mode by one
user, and modified in read-write mode by another):

3.1. Read-only map is still representing nodes states by colors. But if I
remove node using read-write map, I consider it is removed from object and
topology database too. But symbol on read-only map still exists. Is color
of this still representing something? Does it makes any sense at all?

3.2. Let's say that there exists node in Down state. I do "Unmanage" action
using read-write map, but is still in represented Down state on read-only
map. Is it then in unmanage state acctually? Whatsmore, I can still do
Acknowledge/Unacknoledge action on that node using read-only map. (Anyway,
what "unmanaged" state actually means? I understand that netmon will not
poll the node. But will trapd process (i.e by calling scripts) and/or log
to trapd.log and/or pass to nvcorrd traps from that node?)

3.3 You said that changes introduced to map in read-write mode can be
introduced to read-only map only by manual refresh. But I noticed that new
nodes/networks found by netmon are beeing introduced both to read-write map
and read-only (!) map being simultanously opened. How it is possible then?

4. It seems that I was understaning meaning of "Global default"  line in
xnmsnmpconf wrongly. I will try it, thank you.


Bartlomiej Grenda
Strategic Outsourcing I/T Specialist
SSO TE, Network Services Delivery
IBM Polska Sp. z o.o.
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            2004-07-15 17:23          windows question                    
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1.  I know of no way to have the NetView GUI start with multiple map
windows open.  You can choose a different default submap as the one that
opens first however.

2.  You can have multiple event windows open by creating a Workspaces File.
To do this, pull down Options from the man Events Window and select "Save
Environment".  Then open all the additional event windows you want and
apply the filters.  Then close the main one, so that they all close
This should create a NVenvironment subdirectory in the users $HOME
directory, and in that a Workspaces file.  To have it active the next time
you open the GUI you have to edit /usr/OV/app-defaults/Nvevents or copy
that file into the user's $HOME directory and edit the local copy.  Change
the entry which says nvevents.loadEnvOnInit : False   to say  True.   Then
restart the GUI for that user.  If the multiple windows don't open, close
the GUI again and do "xrdb -merge Nvevents"  and then try it, to log
completely out of the machine and come back in.   You should get multiple
windows opened with the correct filters and rulesets applied.

3.  There is no automatic refresh.  How would you like to be a user,
drilling down into your map to solve a problem, and have it suddenly go
away because the administrator made a trivial change?  Each user decides
for himself when to refresh, since literally means closing his old
read-only map and opening a completely new one.  Every user controls his
own GUI.  The best thing to do is to send your users a note, popup, or trap
when you want then to refresh, or establish a policy that they do so on a
regular basis, say every 2 hours.

4.  You can change the Node down delete interval in xnmsnmpconf

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

Bartlomiej Grenda                                                        
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                                              [nv-l] Multiple map and    
           Please respond to                  events windows question    


During lonmg time i was subscribing nv-l as digest, unfortunately reading
it rarely. Now time has come to participate in list more actively, so I
decided to resubscribe to normal mode.
I would like to start with some questions. Before I ask my questions let me
present my NetView configuration:

NetView under my administration works as network (and partially
infrastructure) monitoring tool in Data Center, with operators on duty 24h,
7 days a week. NetView 7.1.3 is running on AIX 4.3.3. There is only one map
defined. There exists two Windows 2000  PCs for viewing NetView maps
windows, events viewer windows and pop-up alarms for operators. Each of
these PCs contain 1 graphic controller (on board) and one quad-monitor
controller additionally. That gives 10 screens in total. Both PCs runs
X-windows server (WRQ Reflection X). Generally, on each screen there is
shown one NetView map window and one Events viewer window.
All maps windows works in read-only mode and are shows different submaps of
singe map. Event viewers contents are controlled by compound filters.In
example - one screen contain map window showing storage servers LAN, event
window below shows specific traps incoming from these storage servers, or
netmon traps refering to this servers.
Separate mechanisms (scripts, rulesets) control when to raise alarm
(ovxbeep, ovxecho).
To open NetView maps and event viewers I use one AIX user (lets name it
"xoper1") on second one on second PC ("xoper 2").
As admin I use another PC with X-windows server to manage map (read-write),
filters, rulsets, etc.

My problems:

1. To have multiple map windows open I have to perform following "trick":
while having single Netview map open (root submap) i choose
Locate->Objects->By Selection Name. I specify name of submap I'm intrested
in, then press [Apply] buton, then I choose suitable line in 'Located and
Highlited" and press [Open] button. After such a sequence I have two map
windows running under single AIX user. Of course, to have multiple windows
I have to repeat that sequence many times.
To have multiple event viewers windows open I have to perform following
action - while having single event viewer map open I choose Create->
Dynamic Workspace. Then I specify suitable name, ruleset and filter. Of
course I have to repeat above action many times.
Is there any way to start many Netview maps windows (showing particulars
submaps of single map) under single UNIX user, using UNIX command line
only? Is there any way to start many NetView event viewer windows (with
different rulesets and filters) under single UNIX user? I need/want to
automate proces of opening these windows.

2. As admin I often modify content of map (using my workstation, opening
map in read-write mode). Unfortunately, these changes are not automatically
reflected on operators windows. The only method I know is to use choose (in
operators GUI) File -> Refresh map. This is very unconvinient,
additionally, It causes  closure of all windows opened before (by method
described above), and only one map window (refreshed) is opened. Is there
any method to force automatic map refreshment?

3. can I change default Node Down Delete Interval?

Thanks in advance for ANY help,hints,sugges


Bartlomiej Grenda
Strategic Outsourcing I/T Specialist
SSO TE, Network Services Delivery
IBM Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ziebicka 35, 60-164 Poznan
internet: Bartlomiej.Grenda@pl.ibm.com
phone: +48 61 8649470  fax: +48 61 8649488  mobile.: +48 603 886 496

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