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Re: [nv-l] Problem with dying event windows

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Problem with dying event windows
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Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:32:03 +0100
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Hi Colin,
If you have gone upto 7.1.4 recently and you are seeing resource issues, it may be an idea to watch out for the servmon daemon (which is new with 7.1.4). It's a Java daemon and I have seen it "go walkabout" and chew up all your CPU.

Another thing to check on is that with 7.1.4, lots of snmpCollect collections are turned on by default. From memory, you have quite a sizeable database and I think you will find that there is 1 default active collection that collects from *.*.*.*. If you haven't adjusted these customisations since your upgrade, I'd go and check them - they may be chewing up your disk space too.

Colin Mulkerrins wrote:


On a similar note I recently upgraded NetView to 7.1.4FP01 (from 7.1.2) on AIX 
4330-11 in test.  I now have intermittent problems with the maps crashing (I am 
using Hummingbird Exceed).  I have had numerous netview core dumps (still 
cannot find the core) when resizing the add object window and just plain gui 
crashes when disconnecting the Control Desk from the map.  This never happened 
with 7.1.2

I have a PMR open, the causes seem to be server resource related initially - 
lots of questions about cpu, RAM and swapspace.

If I get a resolution I'll post it


Colin Mulkerrins
Enterprise Systems Management
An Post

Ph.     +353 (0)1 7057375
FAX     +353 (0)1 8090711
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NetView under my administration works as network (and partially
infrastructure) monitoring tool in Data Center, with operators on duty 24h, 7 
days a week. NetView 7.1.3 is running on AIX 4.3.3. There is only one map 
defined. There exists two Windows 2000  PCs for viewing NetView maps windows, 
events viewer windows and pop-up alarms for operators. Each of these PCs 
contain 1 graphic controller (on board) and one quad-monitor controller 
additionally. That gives 10 screens in total. Both PCs runs X-windows server 
(WRQ Reflection X). Generally, on each screen there is shown one NetView map 
window and one Events viewer window.All maps windows works in read-only mode 
and are shows different submaps of singe map.Maps and Event Viewers works 

For a few weeks strange thing happens. Every several days all Event Viewer 
windows on single PC simply suddenly dissapears (this is happening on both 
described above PCs, bot not in the same time). Maps are working fine. I've 
checked almost all logs in /usr/OV/log and $HOME (for system user displaying 
maps and events) but I have found no trace of any error. System
(AIX) performance checked (via topas) directly after desribed above accident 
seems to be normal.

Any suggestions?


Bartlomiej Grenda

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