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I heard that this had been done for a customer with very strict security
restrictions. It was not possible to let snmp or ping between the different
regions so they implemented some netview server on each region and some
scripts using loadhost to rebuild a complete map of the network in a
central location. The flow of event from the region to the "Master" netview
allowed to update the "Master" map.
I think that technically it is possible but that doesn't means it's a good
idea to do it. Such a setup require a lot of maintenance to make sure it
stay up to date.

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Excuse the newbie question but ...

I have a co-worker who is not a NetView expert who would like me to make
NetView do something it is not designed to do.  I'd like to tell him he's

We will have several NetView installations (7.1.4 FP2 AIX 5.1) in different
regions across the US each discovering and monitoring devices only in its
own region (about 4000 nodes per region - 10 regions total).  He believes
there must be a way to create a master map that does not do its own
discovery or polling (disabled in Options  Topology/Status Polling) but is
fed from the regional NetViews.  If a regional NetView discovers a device
and it is a router, switch or server (controlled by SmartSets) he proposes
it send a trap to the master console that will then execute a script  that
runs loadhosts and adds the device to the master map.  He also proposes
that status changes detected by the regional NetViews initiate traps to the
master and change the status on the master map.  I've read James info that
was posted a while back on changing the status of an icon.  While each
individual piece of what my coworker is proposing seems techically feasible
on the surface, the solution as a whole doesn't seem practical to me.

So which one of us is nuts?


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