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[nv-l] actionsvr problem

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Subject: [nv-l] actionsvr problem
From: "Davis, Donald" <donald.davis@firstcitizens.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 09:41:46 -0500
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James & Leslie,
Thanks for your always insightful responses! You got me headed in the right direction.
I was stopping/starting actionsvr every time I made a change to the ruleset and there were not any events displays subscribed to that ruleset.
However, what I did find was that nvcorrd.alog (or blog) was also logging the events twice.
I recycled nvcorrd and the duplicate events/execution went away.
I still don't understand what was causing that, but it's working correctly now.
Have a great New Year!
Don Davis
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Leslie's correct about that being one source. Another is that if you change ESE.automation, you still have to stop and restart actionsvr, because he doesn't read the ESE.automation file, except at start up, and nvcorrd will just keep his old session(s) with the old rulesets going.

The nvcorrd trace will tell you all the rulesets being run at any given time if you issue
nvcdebug -n
so that's one way to see how many copies are being run.

And if anyone else is running a prior copy, then that will still be used even if you change the actual ruleset. nvcorrd loads it when the registered process starts its session. You have to stop that process and restart it to get the new copy. So you can even have two processes (two event windows for example, or an event window and actionsvr) running rulesets with the same name that are actually different code, if you aren't very careful about it.

I don't mean to imply you aren't careful, Don, just trying to explicate the process.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
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Re: [nv-l] actionsvr problem

Any chance that there is an events display subscribed to that ruleset?


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking
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"Davis, Donald" <donald.davis@firstcitizens.com>
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01/05/2005 10:17 AM

Please respond to

"'nv-l@lists.us.ibm.com'" <nv-l@lists.us.ibm.com>
[nv-l] actionsvr problem

I am experiencing some strange actionsvr behavior.

I created a fairly simple ruleset like this:

[STREAM (block)]--->[InLineAction (echo $NVA | grep ....)]--->[ACTION(pageIS.pl ....)]

It fires twice instead of just once for each matching event. So, I removed it from ESE.automation, it still fires once per matching event.

I removed everything from ESE.automation and it still fires once per matching trap.

Note that the 4th line in the nvaction.alog indicates "No user defined ruleset found", and then it proceeds to execute my ruleset anyway.

I modified the ruleset and put it back in ESE.automation. Now actionsvr executes the new version and the old version.

Are rulesets cached somewhere? I thought stopping/starting actionsvr was all that was necessary.

What is happening here?

Don Davis

2005/04/01 18:53:45 : --------- ESE actionsvr log v1.0 -----------
2005/04/01 18:53:45 : local host is dcncsrvrmsq30
2005/04/01 18:53:45 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[269] : Filtering all non alpha-numeric characters from trap strings with the exception of: -.
2005/04/01 18:53:45 : No user defined ruleset found in /usr/OV/conf/ESE.automation.
2005/04/01 18:54:05 : 1 :/usr/local/Tivoli/scripts/pageIS.pl $NVA $NVE $NVG $NVS $NVATTR_1 $NVATTR_2 $NVATTR_3 $NVATTR_4 &~2005/04/01 18:54:05~ on Down~openview~7~n~1
2005/04/01 18:54:05 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[822] : Varbind contained an illegal character. Issuing sanitized version of the varbind:
2005/04/01 18:54:05 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[823] : NVATTR_2="172\.28\.16\.12"
2005/04/01 18:54:05 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[822] : Varbind contained an illegal character. Issuing sanitized version of the varbind:
2005/04/01 18:54:05 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[823] : NVATTR_3="Ping on 172\.28\.16\.12\."
2005/04/01 18:54:05 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[822] : Varbind contained an illegal character. Issuing sanitized version of the varbind:
2005/04/01 18:54:05 .//nl_Actionsvr.C[823] : NVATTR_4="PING_ Down"

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