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RE: [nv-l] NV tuning for Data collection

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] NV tuning for Data collection
From: Joe Fernandez <jfernand@kardinia.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 16:49:01 +1100
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At 02:17 PM 13-01-05 +0000, "Liu, David" <david.liu@eds.com> wrote:
Joe and Leslie,
Thanks for your advice. I'll do some further investigation and testing, especially to avoid collecting those "non-reply" and "non-response" objects.
One other "problem" appearing in the trace file:
"MIB cpmCPUTotal5min, (and ciscoMemoryPoolFree) on 'hostname' gave type Gauge, expect TIMESTICKS (due to mib.coerce file?)"
1) I did not specify anything in the coerce file and checked at Cisco site that CPU and Memory should be type Gauge (32). Why they expect TIMESTICKS?
2) Does this error have impact on the quality of data collection (e.g. delay etc.)?


Well, I am tempted to answer your second question by saying that if NetView says Time sticks that accounts for the delays you are getting.


Sorry, excuse my weak attempt at humour. I don't think the data type conflict is going to cause significant delays.

I suggest you paste into your email reply the exact entry that you have put  into snmpCol.conf and people on this list can look at it and see if we can see any error.

Looks to me that cpmCPUTotal5min is:

.iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).private(4).enterprises(1).cisco(9).ciscoMgmt(9).ciscoProcessMIB (109).ciscoProcessMIBObjects(1).cpmCPU(1).cpmCPUTotalTable(1).cpmCPUTotalEntry(1).cpmCPUTotal5min(5)

so I would think your snmpCol.conf entry should have


in the OID field for cpmCPUTotal5min

However, it is too hard to get OIDs right when typing them into an email, so send the list a copy and paste of your entry. If the OID field is wrong, snmpcollect will attempt to retrieve a different object whih may be of data type Timeticks.

Joe Fernandez
Kardinia Software
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