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[nv-l] Loading ibm2100.mib

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Subject: [nv-l] Loading ibm2100.mib
From: Javier Morate Guerrero <jmorate@carrefour.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:29:42 +0100
Delivery-date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:30:29 +0000
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      NetView 7.1.4 FP 2
      AIX 5.1

      I am trying to load the file of mibs ibm2100.mib. When I do the load,
I do not receive any message of error. Later I follow the following
instructions to form trap, but it does not work correctly. Why?

 The ESS Alert Trap Configuration

1. From the Tivoli NetView main menu, select "Options", then select "Trap
settings",  and the "Trap settings" panel will appear.

2. From the "Trap setting" panel,  select "New" in the "Select an
Enterprise" box, and the "Add New Enterprise"  panel will appear.

3. From the "Add New Enterprise" panel,  enter the following values:

          Enterprise Name: ibm2100

          Enterprise ID:

4. Then select "OK" to update the values.

5. Back to the "Trap settings" panel, select "ibm2100" in the "Select an
Enterprise" box in the top.

6. Select "New" in the "Select a trap" box,  and the "Add trap" panel will

7. From the "Add trap" panel, do the following:

           -Enter "ssEventTrap13" in the "Trap Name" box.

           -Select "specific" in the "Trap type" box.

           -Type "13"  for the "Specific trap number".

           -Select "Error Event" in the "Trap category" box.

           -Select "OK" to update the values.


Thu Jan 13 14:14:22 2005 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx    ? Trap found with no known
format in trapd.conf(4)
 Enterprise ibm ( community cccccc
 generic trap:6 specific trap:13
 Timestamp:143163 Agentaddr: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx args(1):
 [1] private.enterprises.ibm.ibmProd.130.3.2 (OctetString): 2005/01/13
14:08:47 CUT
Specialist Availability Change
Mnf Type-Mod SerialNm
IBM 2105-800 75-27636
State: Available

   Un saludo,

Francisco Javier Morate Guerrero
Dpto. Gestión de Sistemas
Carrefour España

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