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RE: [nv-l] MIB Objects Collection Summary

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] MIB Objects Collection Summary
From: "Glen Warn" <Glen.Warn@pemcocorp.com>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 13:39:23 -0700
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Yes, I had a similar problem.  It was recommended to me that I try
updating the snmpCol.conf directly and it worked perfectly!

Here is a sample of what your changes might look like:

MIB . cpmCPUTotal5min units GAUGE R
C PIX-HOSTNAME 300 50.000000 40.000000 A s 58720263 ALL - 

A workaround might be possible by using the /usr/OV/conf/mib.coerce file
- but this was the path of least resistance.

Hope this is helpful,

Glen Warn
PEMCO Corporation Computer Services (PCCS)

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Subject: [nv-l] MIB Objects Collection Summary

Hi All,
         Im attempting to setup collection on CPU Utilization using
expression .  and I added a PIX525 in the
Collection Summary and would like to test it at this point but the test
button is grey'd out... Anyone know why?   Thanks, Dave

AIX 5.1
7.1.4 FixPack2

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