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Subject: [nv-l] Managing clusters
From: "Evans, Bill" <Bill.Evans@hq.doe.gov>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 13:07:26 -0400
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Our MS Exchange team has put together clusters of e-mail servers.  Each cluster has five IP addresses I can see with NetView. 
  •        EmailServer                  # Virtual address 
  •        EmailServer-N1             # Real address
  •        EmailServer-N2             # Real address
  •        EmailServer-CL             # Virtual address
  •        EmailServer-MSDTC      # Virtual address
The three virtual addresses migrate between N1 and N2. 
Has anyone configured NetView to handle such a cluster in a rational manner for display and notifications?  My first thought has been to identify the virtual addresses as HSRP and instantiate only the real nodes.  The result was traps with IP addresses instead of hostnames. 
Suggestions are solicited. 

Bill Evans
Tivoli NetView Support for DOE

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