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Re: [nv-l] tcp service checking thorugh nvsniffer

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] tcp service checking thorugh nvsniffer
From: Jane Curry <jane.curry@skills-1st.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 17:44:18 +0100
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I have used the wget open source utility to check that I can reach particular web pages. I've driven it from the newer servmon daemon that comes with NetView 7.1.4 but nvsniffer was also capable of running scripts so it should work for you.

You can get wget from http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/wget.html

Here is the line I have in my servmon.conf (it has 1 extra field at the end for status polling time, compared to a nvsniffer conf file):


The second field is used to specify the URL you want to check. The same shellscript is used both for discovery and status checking and it simply drives the wget utility, returning a value of 2 for success and a value of 4 for failure. The checking is run against the smartset called tino_netview which is a smartset simply containing my NetView node. If you want the full code sample, let me know and I will put it on the NetView Tivoli User Group website.


Jorge Jiles wrote:

Netview 7.1.3

Solaris 8

For a while now we have been using nvsniffer to check availability of http port (80) on some of our servers. Although this way of checking has been good enough for us, now we need to deep a little further and check not just the port, but also whether http pages load properly as well. I believe the main concern is to test the rendering of a .cfm page (marked up in ColdFusion)

How are Netview users out there doing this type of checking???

I was told that the bigbrother application has this capability, but I would like to stay within the Netview environment. I have not check nvsniffer potential in detail, but I hope something can be done with it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jorge A Jiles

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Computing & Network Services

University of Alberta

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