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Re: [nv-l] Different behavior for Acknowledge with ITSL.

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Different behavior for Acknowledge with ITSL.
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Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 20:17:55 -0400
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I think you will find that the symbol status of the node , regardless of the subnet you view it in, is marginal. It has been set explicily by the application. Normally, symbol status in a subnet map reflects only the ip status of the interface on that subnet. Yellow was not a possibility. It was either red or green. So that status you are expecting to affect by acking the Layer2 interface object is not caused by the propogated status of that layer2 interface object. It may affect the status of the node on the IP Internet level of the map via propogation, I'm not sure. But in the submap views, the status is set, not propogated.

This same behavior can be seen on 7.1.4 FP2, where the Layer2 status objects were added, and ITSA 1.2.1.


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"Evans, Bill" <Bill.Evans@hq.doe.gov>
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05/16/2005 04:44 PM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Different behavior for Acknowledge with ITSL.

I've recently moved from NetView 7.1.3 FP3 on a Solaris to NetView 7.1.4 FP3 on RH3.  I've also moved from ITSL 1.1 to ITSL 1.3.  
I've noticed some nice differences in the ITSL support.  I like the L2Status icon; it's less confusing when there's an icon to OR with the interface status to produce the device status.  The operational difference is the way the device status is created.  Mostly I'm doing this from the Web Console.
  • If the Layer2 status becomes marginal the  device status will become marginal.
  • If the interface submap is opened, the Layer2 status icon is acknowledged and the submap is closed,  the device status will remain marginal.  
  • If the device status is acknowledged, the interface submap opened, the Layer2 status is acknowledged and the interface submap closed the device status is now normal.
This is not the way it worked on the old system, obviously, since there was no icon for Layer2 status.  A bad layer2 status did cause the device icon to take on the abnormal state when the interface was up but Layer2 had problems.  
It's also not the way I understand other interface states are rolled up into the device status. On the basis of the behavior of devices with multiple interfaces I would expect that changing the state of the Layer2Status to Acknowledged would cause the device icon to go normal with no other action.  I would also expect that a device icon which is in the Acknowledged state would not revert to normal when the Layer2Status is acknowledged.  
Could someone tell me what I'm missing in the situation?  
Bill Evans
Tivoli NetView Support for DOE

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