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Re: [nv-l] Test menu grayed out for object in GUI

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Test menu grayed out for object in GUI
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Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 14:59:14 -0400
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You assigned those symbols to some real devices on the network because of the picture, but symbols carry with them other attributes. Those attributes are defined in the symbol file in /usr/OV/symbols/C. If you take a look at that definition, you will probably find that it includes some field that makes them ineligible for the IP-based functions under the Test menu. You've told Netview that they are not IP devices by choosing that symbol. It was intended for use with customer-written applications that run on top of Netview. Try changing the symbol to something in the row with the computers rather than the ovals, which are applications or services. You may be better off deleting it and rediscovering it with the default symbol first.
In the registration file for the functions on the Test menu (in /usr/OV/registration/C/something) you will find criteria for the Test functions. Those objects don't presently meet that criteria.


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06/24/2005 11:32 AM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Test menu grayed out for object in GUI

V 7.1.4 AIX 5.2

Anyone seen this?  I have several objects of symbol type "File System".  That is, server objects.  When I right click and go to Test the selections for ping, demand poll, etc are all grayed out.  Other similar objects do not have this problem.  The difference I have found can be seen when I right-click the object and go to Edit, Description where I find that the problem object has IP Status-Unknown whereas the others have IP Status-Normal.  When I delete and re-add the object the problem no longer exists.  The question is, why or how did this object get this way?  Maybe the server changed its IP address?

Eric Zoeckler

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