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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Managing Layer-3 Switches with Switch Analyzer
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The Layer-2 Status of all devices should be set to "unset" initially (blue). They will not have a value other than unset until a Vendor (V) event has been issued for each device.

You stated that the whole topology is disturbed when you set the L3 devices as BH, but in what way? If an L3 device is set as BH in the oid_to_type, but it is actually a router, then it will be a router. (Where a router is a device with IP forwarding set to TRUE and / or has multiple IP interfaces.)

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[nv-l] Managing Layer-3 Switches with Switch Analyzer


We are using NetView 7.1.4 FP3 on windows with Switch analyzer. We have three Enterasys Layer-3 switches. Two of them are running in router mode and one is working on Layer2 only but has Layer-3 IOS installed. In the initial discovery of the network the devices were not discovered properly (they were in BadOID smartset) i manually edited the oid_to_type and oid_to_sym files to fix the problem.

Now the problem is the Layer-2 Status of these devices is set to "unset" when i run ovtopodump-X command, and in the IP MAP the Layer-2 status is "Unset or unknown" (Blued). What should i do to make them managable with Switch Analyzer? When i forcefully set the object type to switch (BH). Then the whole topology is disturbed. Any suggestions on how to FIX this?

Thanks in advance!

Usman Taokeer

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