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Subject: Re: [nv-l] xnmsnmpconf and Topology/Status Polling intervals and other related questions..
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 07:41:14 -0400
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Regarding xnmsnmpconf repopulation: you can export the data in that database any time and reload it. See the man page. There are some new options in 7.1.4. FP3. If you lose the data and don't have a backup, switch netmon to use the alternates 'every time' and force a config poll, and it will repopulate it quickly with the community strings, but it will not appy any custom entries you might have made in the other fields. If you want to use the default entries for those other fields anyway, it is not necessary to enter them. There is a lot if information in the man page for ovsnmp.conf.'  Note that if you want to import saved data, the names must all still resolve. Things that have been removed from the network and from DNS but remain in this database will cause problems on reloading, and you will have to edit it to remove them.

Polling for configuration changes should not be a major load. Most people do it reqularly. It tries to spread the work out over time to reduce network impact, but you can trick it into running at a certain time. If you stop netmon and do an ovtopofix -a, all nodes are flagged as being due for a config check. When you start up netmon, it will do the config poll. So set the config poll period in xnmsnmpconf to something longer than the period you have in mind, and schedule the housekeeping in cron or Tivoli.  On Windows, the config poll is schedulable.

I like the ospf area approach to mapping and have used it in the past, because the information you need to construct the location.conf is available programmatically using snmpget, or the mibtable command.
This mib table gives the ospf area information: .
This mib table gives the ospf neighbor information: .


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"John Sobrinho" <john_sobrinho@sympatico.ca>
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06/29/2005 10:13 PM
Please respond to

[nv-l] xnmsnmpconf and Topology/Status Polling intervals and other related questions..

Hello All..

I know there is a ton of info on xnmsnmpconf posts, but I'd like to find out
if there is away to auto populate / auto manage this as netview netmon
discovers devices. There must be some automation somewhere as one time I
accidentally nuked 800 or so entries, so I deleted the whole thing.  I am
not sure if reloading netmon repopulated this field or running ovtopofix,
mapdelete, or what I did, but a few days later voila a good portion of the
data came back but the polling fields were filled automatically filled
ith  -  -  -  -  "blanks" for timeout retry Port and Polling interval. Does
anyone know how this is populated automatically so I can delete and refresh
at will ?  which will lead in to my second question what would be the
defaults in this scenario if all fields are set to  - - - and can this be
pre-determined as what ever triggers the auto population  behavior? . (I
should mention we are alternatecommunitynames.conf)

I also would like to know what kind of additional load could I expect on my
server if we were to enable Poll for Configuration Changes. I finally have
requirement to develop topology maps. I most likely will not create submaps
but split the main map and use locations.conf to split the default map. I
was thinking of using OSPF areas instead of geographical areas.. any advice
on one vs. the other ?

I read some documentation somewhere that Polling for Configuration changes
occur once a day, but could not find when it occurs or how to tell netmon to
get config info does anyone know where this info lives ? If we can time
control this to be off peek production times and days that would be

More generically our ultimate goal would be to do  mapping  with mimimal
user intervention, as there is so much change in our environment and I would
like make netview as dynamic as possible. Knowing of I need to understand
some the fundamental basics. I have a good grasp of discovery and seed
file., now the art of mapping 2500 + devices.

I'll be looking forward to your feedback..


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