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Re: [nv-l] Service Down and Service UP TRAPs ...

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Service Down and Service UP TRAPs ...
From: "Bernhard Zanker" <bernhard.zanker@serpro.gov.br>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 13:53:04 -0300
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Hi !

Its my first TRAP configuration with NetView ...

I don't understand why my hosts (win 2000 SP4) don't send TRAP information by default ... I need to customize the TRAP information using the MS application evntwin.exe ... I only see TRAPs comming in Port 162 when I use this MS application (and I think that a hard way to manage Windows TRAPs ???)

When I do that I see so many work to do ! I need to customize every service to send TRAPs to my NetView Server ... and when I do that, I have many OIDs ... and I must create the Enterprises to work with this "new" TRAPs ...

I think that exist a easy way to manage windows TRAPs in NetView .... but I don't know how ?

I need to install another application/service in my Win2000 Hosts ? I have read something about TEC - EventLog Adaptor :  tecad_win.exe .or. tecadwins.exe ...

Thanks James !!!


James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
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Sorry, but we still have a failure to communicate.
I don't think you have a clear idea of how this monitoring is going to
occur, or at least you haven't explained it.
What process is monitoring these different services?  NetView's servmon or
something else?
If servmon, then the name of the service being monitored will be in varbind
4 of the Service Up and Service Down traps, so you can change the display
of these traps,  using Trap Settings,  to say not just  "$3" as it does
now, but "$3 $4" so that the varbind 4 information will also be displayed.
These other OIDs you mention will not be in the NetView trap.

The actual OIDs you describe belong to some MIB or other, which is not
queried by NetView by default.  So unless you have some other mechanism in
mind to get this information, (snmpcollect?) they aren't relevant.    If
you are querying an agent using some MIB with snmpcollect, the OID might
appear as part of the snmpcollect threshold trap, provide you configure
snmpcollect to send you threshold traps, but you will not get that OID as
separate enterprise.

If none of this helps, I suggest you implement your monitoring process for
a few of these services and see how ti works, before you worry about
configuring the traps.  That can always be the last step.

Hope this helps,

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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                                      Re: [nv-l] Service Down and Service
            06/30/2005 10:54          UP TRAPs ...                        
            Please respond to                                            

I have this problem :

Windows have many services, and each service have one OID !!! And NetView
Enterprise have just one TRAPs for ServiceDown (58916976) ...

For Example : TSM Server have one OID
(, Telnet Service another OID,
DNS Service another, etc ...

I need something like a Translator ... to translate many ServiceDown TRAPs
to NetView TRAP Service Down ... and then have just one Enterprise :

Its that possible ? Or I need to create many Enterprises in TRAP Settings ?
I want to manage up to 100 windows services, so I need to create up to 100
Enterprises ???


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I'm not certain just what you are asking.

Service traps would be issued by servmon provided he is configured to
montior for that service.  If he sent them, you would get them.  You can
send dummy versions of them with the event command to mimic this behavior,
if you want to check how your Perl script behaves.  The command "event -l"
( small letter L) will list all the traps supported by the event command
and then you can issue those that appear in the list either by name or
number.  For example, "event -l" shows that the two traps you are
interested in are
    SUP_EV           0058916975    3        Service Up
    SDWN_EV      0058916976    3        Service Down

so you could issue  either "event -e SUP_EV" or "event -E 58916975" to get
a dummy Service Up event to be issued.  You can combine that with other
parameters on the event command to send more data in the event, as for
example, "event -h test1 -a junk -e 58916975"   which would give you a
Service Up trap from a host named "test1" with the work "junk" in varbind
4, which usually contains, among other things, the service name.

If you are complaining that servmon is not sending the trap, then I would
check his configuration, and his log.  I believe that he runs on a timer
basis and does not react to traps from other devices, but rather performs
his checks based on what in his config file.  So for him to generate his
traps, the Service would have to be up or down at the time that he checked
it, which means that there may be a considerable time lag.  servmon is
designed to notify you about services running on servers which are not
capable of monitoring them and sending traps about them when they go up or
down.  If your server can send his own trap, that will almost always arrive
at your box before servmon will get a chance to go check the service.

Or are you asking about Service Impact traps sent to TEC?  That's a
completely different issue.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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                                     [nv-l] Service Down and Service UP
           06/29/2005 01:00          TRAPs ...

           Please respond to

Hi again !!!

I'm trying to run Scripts in PERL whenever I receive TRAPs from my network

I receive only TRAPs NodeDown and NodeUP, and TRAPs 'AMS2DefaultTrap' from
Enterprise 'AMS2ALERT' (Anti-virus Server) ... but don't Service Down and
Service UP from Enterprise 'NetView' ...

I have connected to UDP port 162 to see if TRAP packets ServiceDown/UP are
arriving from my network ... but I don't see it !!!

Its the problem in my Windows 2000 Host ???

Enviroment :
Server : Tivoli 7.1.3 Windows
Hosts : Windows 2000 SP4 with SNMP TRAP enabled to Tivoli Server IP


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