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[nv-l] Service Down and Service UP TRAPs ...

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Subject: [nv-l] Service Down and Service UP TRAPs ...
From: "Bernhard Zanker" <bernhard.zanker@serpro.gov.br>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:00:17 -0300
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Hi again !!!

I'm trying to run Scripts in PERL whenever I receive TRAPs from my network  ...

I receive only TRAPs NodeDown and NodeUP, and TRAPs 'AMS2DefaultTrap' from Enterprise 'AMS2ALERT' (Anti-virus Server) ... but don't Service Down and Service UP from Enterprise 'NetView' ...

I have connected to UDP port 162 to see if TRAP packets ServiceDown/UP are arriving from my network ... but I don't see it !!!

Its the problem in my Windows 2000 Host ???

Enviroment :
Server : Tivoli 7.1.3 Windows
Hosts : Windows 2000 SP4 with SNMP TRAP enabled to Tivoli Server IP

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