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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Unknown OID's
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Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 11:48:45 -0400
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1) Add the vendor to /usr/OV/fields/C/ovw_fields if necessary.
2) Add an agent description to /usr/OV/fields/C/snmp_fields if necessary.
3) Run 'ovw -fields' if you change these files.
4) Update /usr/OV/con/oid_to_type.
5) Update /usr/OV/conf/C/oid_to_sym.
6) Delete and rediscover the node(s). All future nodes of this type will be discovered properly.
7) Analyze the interface and address tables relative to the interfaces drawn for the device. If these are not correct, other configuration steps may be needed, such as flags in the oid_to_type file, or operands in the seedfile.


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07/05/2005 11:17 AM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Unknown OID's

Hi All,
         I created a smartset to collect OID's that netview does not know
about. It collected about 12 devices. My question is, where is it
documented on what to do with these? I know you need to add them to the
oid_to_type file, but I'm sure there is more to it.


AIX 7.1.4
AIX 5.1

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