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I have all these products working on AIX. I prefer that cause i know AIX better than windows. So i guess if u r more comfortable with Unix you should prefer a unix install and vice versa.



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Netview is better on Unix, either AIX, Solaris, or Linux, where it has more function. I cannot speak for the rest of the products.


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07/25/2005 10:13 AM
Please respond to

[nv-l] Tivoli Implementation plattform

Hi, We have to choose the paltform Tivoli Products
Implementation,( Netview,TEC, TMF, Monitoring, Mon. DB
- Msg & Coll). We have xseries Intel based server with
Windows 2003 Server and pseries with AIX 5.3.
  What will be the most secure platform for tivoli i
Think to install all the products in AIX. Its good
that or is better to have all in Windows.

Fabian Gonzalez


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