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Subject: Re: [nv-l] I am attempting to install and understand NetView (v7.14) and whilst I have successfully installed N
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Loading the mib does not load the traps. Take a look at mib2trap. That is a utility that takes the traps defined and a mib and creates a series of addtrap commands
that will add the traps to trapd.conf.

mib2trap <mibfile> <outfile>
sh ./outfile

This is how I normally add them.

The "reached the maximum number of outstanding events" is bad. Since you have already tried increasing the buffer space, you need to address the core of your problem, too many traps. Here is a quick script that will capture all the agent traps
from NetView, then print them out:

for i in `grep " A " trapd.log | awk '{print $8}' | sort -u`; do echo $i `grep -c $i trapd.log`; done

This should give you a fairly good idea who the problem machines are, depending on your environment and the size of your trapd.log, this may be a fairly large
output, and you may want to redirect it to a file.


Robert Jensen wrote:

I am attempting to install and understand NetView (v7.14) and whilst I have successfully installed NetView and created an MLM, I have had a couple of concerns while configuring the product which I do not understand that I am hoping someone may be able to assist with. I am constantly receiving two (2) types of messages; The first one : Wed Jul 20 13:01:41 2005 koguxap36 ? Trap found with no known format in trapd.conf(4) Enterprise systemsMonitor6000 ( community public
  generic trap:6 specific trap:41
  Timestamp:172534392 Agentaddr:koguxap36 args(4):
[1] (OctetString): smMlmAliasState [2] (OctetString): NV10. [3] (OctetString): enabled [4] (OctetString): invalid What does this mean, the MIB is loaded (as it is listed in the trapd.conf file and via the MIB browser) yet these messages keep appearing. Am I missing a MIB that I am not aware of ?. Can I confirm that the MIB required here is "ibm-sysmon6k.mib" ? I was on the understanding that it is loaded etc as part of the MLM deployment. nb: Via the MIB browser, I can get down to BUT I can only see trap "1" (smMlmAnalysisTable). The second message I am constantly receiving : 1121907638 2 Thu Jul 21 11:00:38 2005 <none> T netmon-related Application reached maximum number of outstanding events, disconnecting from trapd I have increased the queue from 2000 to 10000 (which only delayed the incomming messages) and also performed a trace of "trapd" which did not give me any clues to what is causing the "constant" stream of messages. I have checked the NetView archive's and can see a few instances of this problem occurring and even a suggestion on modifying the midmand trap destination table and filtering mechanism which allows you to only forward you do want to trapd and throw away anything else. I assume this is part of and located in the MLM Configuration, however I am not sure how to set this up if this is the best way to resolve the problem. And finally, how can I determine (via the trace) where the "excessive" traps are coming from so I can tweak it or stop them. Thanks

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