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RE: [nv-l] Duplicate interface that doesn't exist

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Duplicate interface that doesn't exist
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Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 10:46:08 -0500
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Could you try an snmpwalk <nodename> interfaces and post the output

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Subject: [nv-l] Duplicate interface that doesn't exist

Hi List,
Has anyone ever had a problem with Netview discovering duplicate fast
ethernet interfaces on nodes and the duplicated interfaces have the same
MAC address?  A few weeks ago our WAN group readdressed the fast
ethernet side of a node.  I was expecting that the readdressed IP would
simply be discovered by Netview during the next config scan and the
interface updated, but instead it added a new interface to the node,
duplicating the existing one and changing the IP.  When the network
group told me about it I ended up removing the node and reloaded netmon.
We use the seed file exclusively for discovery and do not have
auto-discovery enabled.  After the node was removed and Netview picked
up the device, both interfaces came back.  I've since removed the device
several times and run ovtopofix hoping that it would correct something
goofy with my database, but it doesn't complain about anything being odd
with the node and every time the device is scanned Netview insists on
duplicating the interface.  I double checked with the network group that
there is nothing odd with this device, all the interfaces we expect to
show up in Netview show up in addition to the one that Netview is
duplicating, the node is behaving normally and so is my Netview system.
A sample of the TopM Interface List is below:

        "FastEthernet0/0 Up
0x000BBE0772E0  ethernet csmacd" <-- This exists
      "FastEthernet0/0 Down
0x000BBE0772E0  ethernet csmacd" <-- This was the old IP

This problem is happening with both of my Netview servers and is
actually happening with two different nodes, both Cisco 2651s.  This
leads me to believe it is related to our network setup, but I don't know
where to look anymore.  If anyone has any suggestions they would be
greatly appreciated.  


ProductName:         "IBM Tivoli NetView"
OperatingSystem:     "Linux"
Version.Release:     "7.1.4"
Maintenance.Release: ""
FixLevel:            ""
KanjiFixLevel:       "None"
ClientFixLevel:      ""

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