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RE: [nv-l] Removing devices

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Sorry, I was not clear.  I'm not trying to remove a device, I'm trying
to remove a previously discovered interface that is no longer on the
device.  What is the recommended way of doing this?

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Check the snmpwalk of the device and make sure the devices are actually 
from the mib. There are a number of devices that will not update the mib



Kain, Becki (B.) wrote:

> Hello All:
> If a device is already in Netview and working, and a site engineer
> removes a subnet on the device, Netview alarms and shows the subnet as

> down. This is correct behaviour
> When Netview next demand polls it should see that the configuration of
> the device has changed and remove the interface from the topology 
> (this is how HPOV works)
> Netview doesn't do this reliably, This morning working  I have removed
> 3 interfaces that were deleted from the Routers over the weekend but 
> had not cleaned out of Netview.
> Clearing the Cache and re demandpolling the device did not clean the
> interface entry out of the database either.
> Deleting the interface out on the map does work.
> Is there a better way of getting the devices to auto update on the
> demand poll. 
> Thanks
> -Becki Kain

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