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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Netview Platform Migration
From: "Jon Austin" <AUSTINJ@email.chop.edu>
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 10:15:50 -0500
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Selective Backup. ALL.USER. Makes a logical volume with everything for
rebuilding a NetView installation!

Take this and move it over to the new server into the same path it's
built, and then
do a fresh install of the server on the new hardware. will recognize
the filesystem and use it to 
import everything into the new installation, and also do any underlying
fixups (i.e. if you're changing ip address). 

Jon Austin
Tivoli/Unix Administrator
Information Systems
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

>>> Alejandro.Gabay@reuters.com 11/2/2005 10:09 AM >>>
Hi All.
We are moving a Netview 7.1.4 FP3 running on Solaris 8 to a new
8 server running on a bigger platform.
Is there a simple way to move Netview
from one server to another?

B. Regards & thanks
Alejandro Gabay
Operations Supervisor Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay
Reuters Ltd

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