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Subject: Re: [nv-l] Commands?
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I use the nvUtil command much line John suggested to get the number of
routers, switches/hubs, and servers.  I use the following cmds in a shell

# Total Counts
nvNodes=`/usr/OV/bin/nvUtil e "('isNode'=True)" | wc -l`
echo "Total number of nodes managed by NetView is: " $nvNodes > $tmpfile

nvRtrs=`/usr/OV/bin/nvUtil e "('isRouter'=True)" | wc -l`
echo "Total number of routers managed by NetView is: " $nvRtrs >> $tmpfile

nvSwitches=`/usr/OV/bin/nvUtil e "('isHub'=True)" | wc -l`
echo "Total number of switches/hubs managed by NetView is: " $nvSwitches >>

nvServers=`/usr/OV/bin/nvUtil e "('isServer'=True)" | wc -l`
echo "Total number of servers managed by NetView is: " $nvServers >>

Inorder for the Server count to work you must first setup an "isServer"
field in the database and then use nvdbimport to set this field to True for
each server.  I set this field for each server that is monitored by
NetView.  Something that helps me is that I only add devices to NetView
using a seedfile, I never use auto discovery so this is easy to maintain.

As far as locations go you could use Smartsets that mimick your locations.
Our device naming scheme allows me to run run similar cmds to those above
using nvUtil and the 'IP Hostname' attribute to get node counts per
location.  Another thing to look at would be the sysLocation field of the
system MIB, assuming SNMP is enabled and these fields are set correctly.

Another way to get the number of routers (Gateways) is to use the following

/usr/OV/bin/ovtopodump -l |grep ^NUMBER |sed 's/NUMBER OF//'|sed 's/:/:/'

The output is below.

 NODES: 2739



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I need to find out how many routers and servers Netview manages.  What is
the command?

I also need a report on what Netview is managing in a specific location.
What is the command to get this information?

Kelly Root
Hewitt Associates

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