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Re: [nv-l] APM Configuration program does not run

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] APM Configuration program does not run
From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:43:34 -0500
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APM has system-specific information in its config files.
Yes you can copy them but not unless you edit them first.  The procedure is
documented in the Admin Guide:

Copying an APM policy from one system to another

 To copy an APM policy from one system to another, follow these steps:
    1. Stop the C5d daemon using the following command:
       /usr/OV/bin/ovstop C5d
    2. Enter the following command:
       /usr/OV/bin/C5Maint -d

       The /usr/OV/conf/C5.conf file is created with all your APM policy
       definitions in it. For information about the format of the C5.conf
       file, see The C5.conf File.
    3. Edit the C5.conf file and delete all the system-specific
       information, such as failed and distributed node lists and invalid
       SmartSets. Change the distribution status to NeverDistributed. That
       is, change the field_value field corresponding to the dfStatus field
       to NeverDistributed and change the field_value_length field to 16.
    4. Load the file into the APM database on the system to which you want
       to copy the policy using the following command:
       C5Maint -l

       For more information, refer to the C5Maint man page.

 If you receive a noSuchName message after installing the new APM policy on
 another system, it means that the particular object does not exist in the
 MIB view. The noSuchName error is an SNMP ERROR 2, which can be caused by
 a corrupted APM threshold or file monitor object (such as, a missing
 smInstanceId in the object of the APM monitor). The complete message is:

 REASON: noSuchName-The requested object name did not match
 the names available in the relevant MIB view.

 To correct this problem, create the APM monitor definition from scratch
 instead of copying the definition because you might be copying a bad
 object. Then distribute the new definition.

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James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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 Hi All.
We have just migrated our Netview 7.1.4 FP3 on Solaris 2.8 to another
Solaris 2.8 but more powerfull hardware.
We used the option "Selective Backup. ALL.USER" to do it.
Although the process run smoothly, we realized that when we try to open the
"APM Configuration" program, it hangs with the hour-glass cursor after
warning that the first time might take several minutes to run.

Does anyone know what might be going wrong with the APM tool?.
Can we copy the APM conf files from one server to another?.

B. Regards
Alejandro Gabay
Reuters Ltd

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