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[nv-l] Smartset query dumps

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Subject: [nv-l] Smartset query dumps
From: Michael_Noonkesser@bluecrossmn.com
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 08:48:38 -0600
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Hi lists,

Netview 7.1.3 Solaris 8

Is there a way to output some of the GUI driven commands to text or std 

1. I want to view my smartsets in a list on the Solaris cmd line. From the 
Smartset editor gui you can "Verify" the smartset, can I output that to a 
listing somewhere?
2. I also would like to see the output from "Locate>objects>By symbol 
status" and similar from that drop down.

The end result I am after for number 2 is to verify all of the "unmanaged" 
devices should be unmanaged by bouncing it off our DNS lists and 
Our DNS lists are not quite up to date and I wan tot verify all cisco 
devices are in DNS from the smartsets I have defined as cisco OID and 
isRouter etc...

Thanks in advance for any help


Mike Noonkesser 

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