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[nv-l] Timezone issue

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Subject: [nv-l] Timezone issue
From: "Kain, Becki \(B.\)" <bkain1@ford.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:53:00 -0500
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Thread-topic: Timezone issue

On netview aix 7.1.4 fp3, our nvserved.log looks like this:

02/20/06 18:45:49 Interface_Flap;source=nvserverd;sub_source=a;origin=19.x.x.x;adapter_host=x114.x.ford.com;hostname
=sw1.x.ford.com;category=14;date="02/20/06 18:45:49";severity=WARNING;status=OPEN;msg="sw1.x.ford.com int
erface FastEthernet0/2 is failing repeatedly: index=3, type=6, reason=down ";FlappingAddr="Unk";FlappingLabel="FastEthernet0/2 in

dex 3 type 6 reason down";END

On netview linux 7.1.4 fp4, our nvserverd.log looks like this:

02/20/2006 06:45:49 PM TEC_ITS_INTERFACE_ADDED;source=nvserverd;sub_source=N;origin=19.x.x.x;adapter_host=x.ford.com;hostname=flr.x.ford.com;category=2;date="02/20/2006 06:45:49 PM";severity=UNKNOWN;status=OPEN;nvhostname=19.x.x.x;action="" WAN Deleted";hostaddr="192.28.x.x";ifname="119648";END

Why is one giving me 24 clock and one giving me a 12 hour clock?  The timezone is set the same on both boxes. 

Is this normal and expected?  Thanks

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