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Subject: [nv-l] Web Console vs Web Browser
From: "Catalina Martinez" <Catalina.Martinez@tlc.state.tx.us>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 10:51:18 -0600
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Netview 7.1.4 FP04

AIX 5.2 ML 6


I'm testing different netview access for the our users. Currently,  3 groups use Netview. I created 3 separate userids as each group has a PC designated for Netview:

telnet to the AIX server à xterm into Netview (bring up default r/o map).


1) I've been able to login through the web browser. http://netview:8080/netview/NetViewApplet/


log in as userX and ok.


Now, I looked over other posts and IBM website, and came across the web console.


2) I installed on my XP desktop

nvwcinstall.exe file from http://netview:8080/download/ Directory.


I logged in as userX and it looks the same as the web browser (1 above)


From you experience, how are your users logging. Is there any major difference between the web console and the web browser?


Primarily all users are here in the same building as the Netview server. On occasions, if we are working from home then we may VPN (but very few people have vpn access).


1) Which method provides the least amount overhead on the Netview server

2) In either method, Can multiple users/pc access Netview using the same group id or should I  create individual ids as needed. For example,

Tom in Support Group uses Netview id "suppgrp" on their group Netview station. His office is away from the Netview station and he wants to see the map. Could he also log in as "suppgrp" from a pc in his cube?



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