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Hi John,


I think I was able to make this work using the “word” trap attribute 3.2 but I like where you are going.

More specifically, I’m trying to ID sites that are dialed in (so our cust svc dept can notify them of this)  Each site has a unique PPP ID and if I could parse that out of the 5350 trap, it would be nice.  Also, I must know when the dial session ends (which I think might be harder to figure from this technique)  I tested my other ruleset quite a bit this weekend (looking for intfc “Async1” up/down traps) and it worked very well.


Thanks for your input,


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I think you need to make clear what info you are after and for what purpose.
Are you after an audit trail, a debug trail, statistics?
For example it is possible to get the dialin usernames and phone numbers from a Cisco AS5350
You just observe that the numbers go to the Cisco log buffer, and then configure the Cisco with
'snmp-server enable traps syslog' to convert the log to traps.

I would use the following approach (not knowing your requirements):-
Use NetView for monitoring if the AS5350 was working properly.
Get statistics on number of simultaneous users, say once a month, directly from show commands on the router.
Use a RADIUS server to validate dialin users.
Use the Cisco 'aaa accounting' commands to log usernames and success/failed dialin's to the RADIUS server.

John Gatrell

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