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RE: [nv-l] Browsing MIB IBMServeRAID,

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Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 11:13:26 +0200
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answers below:

Hope this helps :o)


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I did your test and it's ok but I already tested it before.

So snmpget and snmpwalk are working, but not for the subtree

I've got a few questions :

- you say to try to do snmpwalk or snmpget from another computer, so I
deduct that loading the MIB on the NetView server is not useful for using
these commands since for you it should work ?

correct, no need for the mibs to be loaded on the Netview to be able to use
snmpwalk or snmpget on the target server

- so the private MIBs are only useful to the NetView server to describe the
datas received from a private monitored node and use them , am I right ?

correct, and true for any SNMP manager. Loading mibs allow you to use an
integrated mib browser (really practical when searching for an OID) and
allows OIDs contained within traps variables to be interpreted by SNMP

I tell you what I did :

Installed Netview 7.14 and the FP4 on an old IBM server with 4 Xeons and
2Gb of ram running a Windows 2000 Server. I have it installed and running
on a 2003 Server on a laptop too...
I installed the Windows SNMP agent and Serveraid Manager on a few servers.
I let the community name public, the read only access and allowed to
receive SNMP packets from any hosts.

I need to understand from what point a "snmpwalk -c public myserver
." should work.
>From the moment I installed the SNMP agent on the targeted server ? From
the moment I installed Serveraid Manager on it ?

snmpwalk on the ibmServeRaid OIDs should work when 1) snmp agent is
installed, configured and running on your target server, and 2) when
ServeRaid Manager is installed and running on your target server.

Thanks for you massive help ;-)
There is also a snmp trap configuration that you can do in serveRaid
manager to allow specific events to be sent to your SNMP manager. once the
configuration done you can test it with a right click on the config line
(Send test trap or test event, I don't remember the exact wording)

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