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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Removing a network
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I do something very similar with my VPN interfaces, except I use the acknowledgeUtil instead of the nvmaputil.sh --unmanage utility.
The reason is because of read-only map status propagation. Unmanaging a critical interface is not a "status change" and the interface will remain red on my Command Center's read-only maps (so does a delete). It sounds like a great idea to marry the two methods. Automatically acknowledge it first so that it turns green on the read-only maps, then automatically unmanage it.   LOL - Great minds think alike, and so do ours.
Don Davis
First Citizens Bank
Raleigh, NC

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I've done something similar in unmanaging interfaces.  Our situation is a VPN which dynamically adds interfaces as users connect across the network then the interfaces go critical when they close the session.  To counter this I unmanage any interface which is on the selected networks. 


The procedure could easily be adapted to handle the situation under discussion. I think you would only need to change the network addresses.  It is driven from the EXEC statement on the TRAPD.CONF for the NetView Interface Added trap on a Linux system.    



# Unmanage interfaces added to networks 172.16. and 172.17 by VPN. 


let Result=${RANDOM}%20

# DEBUG echo "${Date} Variables: $* "   >>/opt/webmon/IFAdd.log


IPAddress=`echo ${*} | sed -e 's/\\\\//g'`

echo "${Date} Variable IPAddress: ${IPAddress} "   >>/opt/webmon/IFAdd.log


Filter=`echo ${IPAddress} | egrep '(172.16.|172.17.)' | wc -l`

if [ ${Filter} -gt 0 ]


      /bin/sleep ${Result}  # Delay for some number of seconds between zero and 20 to prevent races.

      /usr/OV/bin/nvmaputil.sh --unmanage-interface ${IPAddress} &

      echo "${Date} Interface unmanage requested: ${IPAddress}. "   >>/opt/webmon/IFAdd.log


exit 0


Bill Evans

Home: 570-639-5691

Cell:    570-852-9549


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That would work if you wanted to exclude the discovery of nodes that only

have interfaces with those addresses, But if you have snmp-enabled devices

with multiple interfaces, and if one or more of those interfaces meets the

criteria of the seedfile, then the node will be discovered, And once the

node is discovered, then all ip-addressable interfaces on that node will

be discovered.


One way to handle these interfaces is to unmanage them. If they get

deleted and rediscovered on a regular basis, however, they may need to be

unmanaged repeatedly. This can occur with things like VPN routers, or

things with intentional duplicate IP addresses.


Has anyone taken any other approaches to selectively unmanaging groups of

interfaces on routers?




Leslie A. Clark

IT Services Specialist, Network Mgmt

Information Technology Services Americas

IBM Global Services






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Please respond to









RE: [nv-l] Removing a network







Put "@limit_discovery" in your netmon.seed file.

Delete the 10.10.* objects with the Object menu Delete.. command.

Restart Netmon daemon.





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I'd like to have a certain network,, never show up in my

netview map, even if a device has an ip from that network defined.


We have this now, in the seedfile


!10.10.*.*   # un reachable subnets must ignore


But, I have a device that has, as unmanaged interfaces, a ton of

interfaces with, for example.  Why did the seedfile entry not

work and how do I go through and globally delete this network from all








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