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RE: [NV-L] Finished scan?

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] Finished scan?
From: "Kain, Becki \(B.\)" <bkain1@ford.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 10:59:20 -0400
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Thread-topic: [NV-L] Finished scan?
thanks Leslie:
what is the eta of running this, on 84888 ips, assuming 10% of the nodes are actually up?  24 hours?  12 hours?  oh, and assuming line speed (this servers are in the same building as the netview servers, so we're not concerned with latency of the network).
what am I checking again for - there is no "I am done with this list, at least for first discovery" message in the trap log , is there?
I have to present this data to a group of people and I can't say definitively that the scan is done, it seems.  or am I missing something?  will turning RFI off help?
thanks again

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Subject: Re: [NV-L] Finished scan?

Those are 'hints'. First it goes through that whole list and makes hints with just those two fields. Eventually (probably before it makes 84K hints) it will start making networks and segments to support the addresses and masks, if it knows them, then it will make interfaces to put on the networks, and then it will make the nodes. So doing it that way, with a very long explicit list, can look like it takes a very long time.   You might just give it overnight and check again.  It sounds pretty normal.

Probably in the long run it will take the same amount of time, but there are other ways to approach it. One would be to make the range rules, as I am sure you have tried, and then run a ping script that pings all of those addresses from the outside. That would be a 'one at a time'  (one interface, network, and node) approach that might give you more immediate feedback than the method you are using now, which is more batch-oriented (make all the hints, then make all the networks....etc).

One down side of doing it with a long explicit list is that Netview kind of hopes that all those entries are SNMP. You can end up with a lot of bad subnet assignments if you don't have some routers in there first, so real subnets are created. Then the things that are non-snmp are likely to be assigned to good subnets.


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"Kain, Becki \(B.\)" <bkain1@ford.com>
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04/25/2007 02:36 PM
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"Tivoli NetView Discussions" <nv-l@lists.ca.ibm.com>
[NV-L] Finished scan?

Dear learned folks:

I have a seedfile that is 84444 entries long.  I don't see any other "A node added" records in my trapd.log from restarting netmon.  It looks like the discovery only took about an hour. I tried to tease about the data with:

nvUtil e isNode=TRUE

But I have a lot of entries in the database that look like this:

bkain1@fcis249:~ $ ovobjprint -s fcas534.dearborn.ford.com
               OBJECTID                SELECTION NAME

OBJECT: 5480

        FIELD ID        FIELD NAME                      FIELD VALUE
       10              Selection Name                  "fcas534.dearborn.ford.com"

       11              IP Hostname                     "fcas534.dearborn.ford.com"

So isNode didn't pick it up.

Is discovery finished?  Why aren't the entries for most nodes being filled in?

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