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RE: [NV-L] Netview 7.1 on AIX: Problem with Demons trapgentd and mgragen

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] Netview 7.1 on AIX: Problem with Demons trapgentd and mgragentd [Summary]
From: Jan Koch <JANKOCH@de.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 09:57:20 +0200
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Hello to all and good morning,

thanks to James and Bill for the help.

We have installed Netview 7.1.5 on AIX 5.3 LPAR. The demons trapgentd and
mgragentd are in the status "running" with the behaviour
"NOT_WELL_BEHAVED". The behaviour "NOT_WELL_BEHAVED" is not an inidicator
for an error. The status "running" is important.

The Netview installation runs with all applications. But it can not create
network maps. I thougt, Netview need smnpd for create network maps. I know,
that the demons trapgend and mgragentd a speciality from Netview for AIX
is. So far i know the trapgend demon translate snmpd information for
Netview. I doesn't know, what the mgragentd demon makes exact in the
cooperation with netview and AIX.

When the demons trapgend and mgragentd in the status "running" ok is, why I
can't create network maps?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Jan Koch


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