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RE: [NV-L] Xnmgraph process

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Subject: RE: [NV-L] Xnmgraph process
From: "Sperry, Kevin" <Kevin.Sperry@us.ngrid.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 13:24:22 -0500
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OK, do I kill the process by using ovstop?

Kevin Sperry
IT Analyst, Data Center Monitoring Control
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Liverpool, NY 13088
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No. You can kill it. xnmgraph is a user-started process. Somebody started it, probably by invoking something from the NetView GUI.

For example if you have SNMP access to another machine, you should be able to locate it on the map, select it, and pull down Monitor--> Network Activity and then select an option from that list such as "Traffic". That will launch xnmgraph in context for that device in the control desk and it will graph the values returned in real time.

Another example of how it might be invoked is from the GUI which controls snmpCollect. That GUI is xnmcollect. If you are collecting historical MIB data using snmpCollect, then you can select your running collection, click "Show Data" and when that panel comes up you can select to have to graphed. That launches xnmgraph in context as well.

xnmgraph is not launched any other way, so if it is running, some user started it.

James Shanks
Tivoli Network Availability Management Level Three
Network Availability Management
Tivoli Software, IBM Corp
1-919-224-1642 | T/L 687-1642 | ITN 26871642

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